Main Subjects = law
Re-reading the comments about determination the limit for Mehr al-Mathl

Volume 25, Issue 100, May 2024, Pages 72-94


masoomeh mazaheri; Fatemeh Ashraf Altaha

Evaluation of Vahdat Ruye 774 opinion by adopting a supportive approach towards wife's dowry

Volume 25, Issue 100, May 2024, Pages 95-114


amin soleyman kolvanaq; hosein hajhoseini; ahmad mortazi

Analyzing the jurisprudential, religious and medical dimensions of abortion therapy

Volume 25, Issue 98, March 2023, Pages 61-82


Aman Helisaie; Mohammad Eshaghi; Seyyed Mohammad Hoseini

Discover the opposite of marriage

Volume 24, Issue 93, December 2021, Pages 113-133


Mohammad Eshaghi; Zahra Gholami

White marriage from a jurisprudential-legal perspective

Volume 23, Issue 91, June 2021, Pages 89-106


Ali Nosrati; Seyed Abolghasem Hossini Zeidi; Mosa Lashani

Secret contract on dowry in Imami jurisprudence and Iranian law Looking at the secret agreement in French law

Volume 23, Issue 91, June 2021, Pages 125-141


Mehrdad Pakzad; Seyyed hasan Hosseini moghadam; Mohammad Mehdipour