Guide for Authors

* The purpose of the quarterly articles is to analyze issues, demands, doubts and problems in the field of women's issues in order to provide answers and solutions.
* Articles related to new research findings, new theories or methods in solving problems (including basic, applied research, etc.).
* Papers have not been previously published in the journal or collection of seminar papers or are under review and publication.
* The article is in the form of a maximum of 7,000 words and is set in a word environment.
* Persian, English and Arabic abstracts in a maximum of 200 words and including the subject of the article, research method and the most important results along with key words (5 words).
* Latin equivalents of important names, concepts and terms should be included in the footnotes of each page.
* Editing of articles is the responsibility of the author and it is necessary to be edited in the latest way.
* The list of sources at the end of the article should be arranged in alphabetical order of the author's last name as follows:
    - Book: surname, name, year of publication. Book title (in italics), name and surname of the translator, place of publication, publisher, number of volumes, possibly the number of the cited volume.
    Article: Last name, first name. "Title of the article", name of the journal (in italics), issue of the year, issue of the journal (date of the journal).
    - Thesis: surname, name, title of the dissertation (thesis and field of study), to guidance (name of supervisor), (city, name of university, name of faculty, year).
    - Internet resources: last name, first name, (date of receipt): full site address
    - The publication of the article in the quarterly is subject to the approval of the judges and the quarterly is free to edit the content.