About Journal

The existence of different and sometimes completely two-sided attitudes and writings on the subject of women, as well as the theorizing of the scientific strata of society based on personal tastes and experiences, caused women's issues to be raised differently and contradictory, which added to the problems of women's society. It leaves them in a state of ambiguity.
Understanding this important issue along with the necessity of presenting the view of Islam and the opinions and thoughts of the graduates of this transcendent school, led to a scientific-cultural movement in order to challenge women on the one hand and on the other hand by presenting the position of women and their various honors in the field. The human, family and social triad from the perspective of Islam Educational, cultural and social.
The "Women's Book" quarterly has been published in the 40th issue with a scientific-research score from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and since 2008 with a change to the "Women's Strategic Studies Quarterly".