Keywords = Family
Application of Mana System Model (VSM) in the analysis of family governance system In the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 25, Issue 97, December 2022


Mohammad Saleh Tayyeb Nia; Mehdi Sotoudefar; Masood Shekari Kheiadani; sohrab hasheminezhad

Typology of Power Structure in The Iranian Family

Volume 22, Issue 87, November 2020, Pages 7-32


Mahdi Malmir; Marzeyeh Ebrahimi

An analysis of married men addiction in a qualitative study

Volume 22, Issue 87, November 2020, Pages 63-88


Soheila Sadeghi Fasaii; Zeinab Jahandar Lashaki; Abdolhossein Kalantari

Social and cultural determinants of students' attitudes toward abortion

Volume 22, Issue 87, November 2020, Pages 109-130


Nooreddin Farash Kheialo; Negar Ramzi; Rasoul Sadeghi

Discovery of The Family Conceptual map based on Women''''s Studies Resources‌ in Iran (1995-2018)

Volume 21, Issue 83, May 2019, Pages 53-78


Fahimeh Babalhavaeji; Roghiehr Hatefi Mostaghim; Molukosadat Hoseini Beheshti; Nadjla Hariri

Generational Differences in Marriage Value (Cace Study in Hashtgerd city)

Volume 19, Issue 75, June 2017, Pages 63-84


Hajiieh Bibi Razeghi Nasrabad; Leila Fallahnezhad

Managing marital conflict Approach to problem solving from the perspective of family counseling and Islam

Volume 19, Issue 74, March 2017, Pages 67-92


Maryam Fatehizadeh; Najmeh Barbaz Esfahani; Azam Parcham

Ideal Age at Marriage and its Correlates in Yazd City

Volume 19, Issue 73, January 2016, Pages 35-63


abbas Askari Nodoushan; Mohammad Jalal Abbasi Shavazi; Maryam Piri Mohammadi

The clergymen attitudes towards family instability process in Esfahan city

Volume 16, Issue 63, October 2014, Pages 199-229

Ali Rabbani; Fahimeh Talebzadeh

The Relationship between Romantic Love and the Attainment of Marital Values

Volume 14, 56 (summer 2012), December 2012, Pages 247-283

Abotorab talebi; simin veici

The Accompaniment of Gender Tasks and Moralization in Family in Islamic Sources and Texts

Volume 14, Issue 54, January 2012, Pages 211-253

Delara Nemati Pirali; Raheleh Kardavani; Mahdi vakili

Qualitative study of factors contributing to marital dissatisfaction and applying for divorce (the case of Kermanshah)

Volume 14, Issue 53, January 2011, Pages 7-42

Farshad Mohsenzadeh; Ali Mohamad Nazariy; Mokhtar Arefi

Study on the Crisis of Motherhood in the World and its Effect on the Iranian Society

Volume 14, Issue 53, January 2011, Pages 211-245

Mones Sayyah; Akram HoseiniMojarad