Keywords = divorce
Analysis of the experience of divorce from the perspective of divorced couples in Tehran

Volume 23, Issue 89, December 2020, Pages 143-162


Asghar Abdollahi; Hassan Ahadi; Biuook Tajeri; Kobra Haji Alizadeh

Reciting of the Woman’s Return from her Donation Portion and Release from Obligation at the time of Divorce

Volume 22, Issue 86, November 2020, Pages 153-172


Parviz Bagheri; Mehdi Shabannia Mansour; Abdoljabar Zargoshnasab

The suspension of the Marriage Portion (MAHR)

Volume 19, Issue 74, March 2017, Pages 125-142


Asghar Zirak baroghi

A study of the related social factors with emotional divorce (population study; Married in Shiraz)

Volume 18, Issue 71, January 2016, Pages 85-108


Masoud Hadjizadeh Meimandi; Javad Madahi; Yazdan Karimi; Elahe Hedat; Melina Ghorouri

In Investigation of Social Symbols and Divorce

Volume 17, Issue 67, June 2015, Pages 125-156

Mehrdad navabakhsh; Nariman Yousefi; Ali Pezhhan

The Relationship between Romantic Love and the Attainment of Marital Values

Volume 14, 56 (summer 2012), December 2012, Pages 247-283

Abotorab talebi; simin veici

Economic Analysis of Divorce: Exploring the relationship between unemployment and divorce in Iran during 1345 -1385

Volume 13, Issue 50, October 2011, Pages 7-28

Saeed Isazadeh; Esmaeel Balali; Ali Mohammad Ghodsi

The Role of Judiciary Procedure in Implementation of Article 1130 Civil Law

Volume 13, Issue 51, October 2011, Pages 181-212

Fariba HajiAli; Zeynab Riazat

some effective socio-economic deterrents and facilitatings of divorce

Volume 14, Issue 53, January 2011, Pages 43-85

Ali Mohammad Ghodsi; Esmaeel Balali; Saeed Eisazadeh

Factors of Divorce in Mazandaran Province

Volume 14, Issue 53, January 2011, Pages 87-127

Karam Habibpour Gatabi; Hossein Nazoktabar

Three Decades of Researches about “Divorce Causes” in Iran: A Review

Volume 14, Issue 53, January 2011, Pages 129-162

Abdolhossein Kalantari; Payam Roshanfekr; Jelveh Javaheri

Final Decisions of the Court in Divorce and Their Effects

Volume 12, Issue 48, December 2010, Pages 53-84

Leila Sadat Asadi

Divorce causes and strategies for decreasing it from the viewpoint of the Holy Quran According to revelation order

Volume 13, 49 (Autumn 2010), January 2010, Pages 293-348

Seyyed Munzir Hakim; Batool Zahedi Far

A legal approach to the provision of alimony for preventing divorce

Volume 11, Issue 43, October 2009, Pages 7-34

Abbas Vishteh

Divorce and legal vacuums of adjudication

Volume 11, Issue 43, October 2009, Pages 65-91

Seyyed Mahdi Jalali

A comparative study of Iddah in Iran and other countries

Volume 11, Issue 43, October 2009, Pages 215-242

Lamia Rostami Tabrizi

Prohibition of marrying a married woman and a woman in Iddah

Volume 12, Issue 45, January 2009, Pages 43-78

Mahdi Rahbar